Jewellery Care

Your jewellery is made for everyday wear so we want you to prolong the life of your jewellery.

* Avoid getting your jewellery wet. Remove before washing dishes, showering, swimming and other activities that would expose it to chemicals, dirt, sweat, lime scale and salt water.
* Apply lotions, perfumes, cosmetics and sprays, and let them dry before wearing your jewellery.
* Your natural body oils and sweat is unique to you and may affect your jewellery.
* Remove your jewellery before sleeping and workouts.
* Avoid bending or twisting your jewellery.
* Store your jewellery separately to avoid scratches and tarnishing.
* Avoid dropping or hitting against hard surfaces. Natural gemstones are fragile and can break if not handled with care.
* Polish your jewellery using a microfiber cloth to from time to time.
It is important to us to be accessible to as many of you as possible, and that you feel safe and comfortable wearing our jewellery. Sensitivity differs and reactions occur individually. 

We use durable nickel free base metal in our Fusion necklaces collection, some brass chain can tarnish naturally. A simple solution to this is to gently rub tomato ketchup onto the chain, allow to sit for 15-20 minutes and wash and dry thoroughly. The brass should appear lighter again.

We use 14K Gold Filled our gold jewellery, and occasionally 18K Gold Plated for our jewellery components. Our Silver jewellery is made using 925 Sterling Silver.

Our gemstones and pearls are formed in nature and are sourced from around the world. As a result, they vary in colour, size and texture, something we consider makes your piece of jewellery extra special and unique.