I’m Tina, the designer behind all of this. I began making jewellery after moving to New York in 2002. On a small budget, I still wanted to look fabulous in the city of bright lights. I taught myself the basics of jewellery making and experimented with gemstones for a long time. Upon returning to the UK, I completed a short jewellery metalsmithing course at BIAD in 2011, then took a long break from jewellery all together. I travelled the world with my job over the next few years, finding beautiful gems on my trips and continuing to practice my techniques. Fast forward to 2017, when I returned to India to complete a yoga training and rediscovered my passion for jewellery. A kind of meditation, connecting powerful gemstones with happy memories of travels and loved ones. Finally the right time, I feel confident my designs have evolved into creations that I truly love and believe in.
As a British born Indian woman, my inspiration comes from my Indian cultural background, alongside growing up in the UK. And my love of jewellery comes from two generations of Indian Queens.
Each piece of jewellery is composed of contrasting colours and textures, put together by hand, by me. Some designs are simple, some elaborate, though never conventional, always intentional. The combination of two cultural worlds results in delicate earrings to bold necklaces, creating a completely new look you have never seen before.
I officially launched Tina Bodalikar Jewellery collections in May 2019. I am a sole female run business, creator, marketing manager, photographer, website builder and often model. I now work from my beautiful home and studio in Berlin. An iconic city which embodies a dynamic urban vibe. I am delighted to have joined local designers at several events, as well as feature at the Creators Pop Up retail store in Berlin.
I offer exclusive jewellery making workshops at the creative space See "Workshops" for details.
If you receive a piece of Tina Bodalikar jewellery, know that it was made especially for you.