Hi, I’m Tina, the designer behind the brand. I began making jewellery in 2002 when I moved to New York. Inspired by the designers in the city, I taught myself the basics of jewellery making. After returning to the UK, I completed a metalsmithing course at BIAD before taking a long break to travel the world. From my trips, I've learned that grace and beauty are found everywhere and, like the gemstones I collect, come in different shapes and sizes. A trip to India reignited my passion for jewellery making, rediscovering the diverse beauty of India and reconnecting me with my culture. Each gem reminds me of where I found it.

As a British born Indian woman, my jewellery is a reflection of my story. My inspiration comes from my cultural background in the east and my experiences of growing up in the west. My love of jewellery comes from the two generations of strong Indian women who raised me. The mix of two cultural worlds results in intentional and unique designs. They embody 'complementary contrasts', combining modern western minimalism with intricate eastern flair. My pieces are not only subtle and elegant but also bold and complex, a reflection of the eclectic energy that lives in each of us and expresses the confidence of the person who wears it. 

Tina Bodalikar Jewellery officially launched in 2021. I am a sole  business owner working from my home studio in Berlin, an iconic city which embodies a dynamic urban vibe. I am delighted to have joined local designers at several events and featured at the Creators Pop Up store.

If you are inspired to create your own jewellery, I offer exclusive jewellery making workshops in Berlin. See 'Make your own jewellery' for more.