Social Commitment

Tina Bodalikar Jewellery is committed to serving communities and the environment. I passionately believe in supporting and empowering others whilst continuing to seek sustainability. Every year, I give my time to a school in India. Something I am extremely proud of.


Mother Miracle School is a 501 ©(3) Non profit organisation. Founded in 1995 by Shahla Ettefagh, for exceptional children of impoverished families, in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Through the school’s transformational program of “...sponsorship, a powerful change in mindset to overcome societal stigma and to create an environment of excellence and security”, each child receives the education, healthcare and values he/she needs to break the cycle of poverty in their family and community.

A percentage of each sale of Tina Bodalikar Jewellery will go towards keeping a child safe and educated… we thank You! 



We are grateful for the beautiful gemstones Mother Nature bestows upon us. We believe preserving our planet is vital and support her to flourish.

For every sale of Tina Bodalikar Jewellery, $1 will plant a tree where they are needed the most. Stay up to date via @tinabodalikarjewellery



What else are we doing?

We believe that it's often being constantly conscious in the small things that we can make big impacts. 

  • 100% renewable energy, low energy light bulbs powers our studio.
  • No air conditioners, we use windows and fresh air.
  • No industrial machinery is used in our design and manufacturing process.
  • Minimal waste in our jewellery making process.
  • Plastics and paper are recycled.
  • No toxic chemicals are used in our jewellery making process.
  • All online orders come with a natural eco-friendly gift box, made from 100% recycled material, containing a white eco-fibre fill. 
  • We encourage you to reuse, recycle or upcycle our packaging.
  • We aim to source our materials locally and use independent, family owned and conscious suppliers, where possible.